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Yannick Rieu “Qui Qu’en Grogne”

For his new project “Generation Quartet”, Yannick Rieu has teamed up with 3 of the most talented Canadian musicians of their generation. The group brings together the pianist Gentiane Michaud-Gagnon or Jonathan Cayer, the drummer Louis-Vincent Hamel and the bass player Guy Boisvert or Alex Le Blanc. As its name suggests, “Generation Quartet” allows for a dialogue between two generations of musicians who, over the years and through shared experiences, have developed a particular chemistry, a sound all their own. One foot set firmly in the jazz tradition, the other in innovation, this group is characterized by the great cohesiveness of its members, who explore, interact and exchange with one another. Besides unbridled spontaneity, collective energy is yet another strength of this quartet. Their music is imbued with poetry, mystery and beauty, evoking the human and spiritual experience in all its aspects.


March 14, 2023

Travelogue – In the footsteps of Joni Mitchell Tour – 1, 14 & 23 April 2023

Joni Mitchell, an artist who has stood the test of time, has been in the music industry for over fifty years. Each of her albums is a universe in itself,…
Yannick Rieu Sextet
March 14, 2023

Yannick Rieu Sextet @ Dièse Onze on the 24 & 25 of March 2023

Get ready for a night of world-class jazz with the Yannick Rieu Sextet featuring Daniel Thouin, Adrian Vedady, Maxime Lapierre, Louis-Vincent Hamel, and Dave Grot at the Jazz Club Dièse…
July 25, 2022

Yannick Rieu – Machinations

Yannick Rieu’s album “MachiNations” , once put in the CD player of the living room, it is then enough of some measures only, songs of children in a “Eglise de…
Le Devoir
August 31, 2020

Yannick Rieu: couleurs Coltrane

Rendu au rappel de son concert, Yannick Rieu a annoncé que son quartet allait « sortir un peu de Coltrane » et de l’album au programme de la soirée pour plutôt jouer…